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You can sell Wiki Submitter under your own brand and you get to keep 100% of the profit.

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Get 70 Wiki Submitter White

Label Licenses For Just $XXX

Get 30 Wiki Submitter White

Label Licenses For Just $XXX

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this white label program work?

It’s simple. After you purchase, you’ll get access to a special link in the members’ area where you can upload your own logo to brand the software. Once you’ve done that, you’re in business and ready to start selling Wiki Submitter under your own brand and keep 100% of the profit.

What happens after I make a sale of a white label license?

You get your very own sign-up page. Just send your customers there and they can get started and download the software. It’s really easy and you don’t need to do anything but send them to the link.

What about support and updates?

We’ve got you covered. If any support is needed, it goes to our support team and we handle it for you. We also release all updates automatically so all of your customers stay up-to-date as we improve the software.

What price can I sell this software at?

You can sell this for any price you want as long as it’s at least $47. People have paid hundreds of dollars for this software, and you can very easily charge that and keep 100% of the profit.

How soon can I start selling?

You can get started selling on [DATE]. That will give you plenty of time to get up and running with your sales page and branding.

How many licenses do I get?

here are two options to meet your needs. Please see below.

Do I have to get this today?

Yes, this is a special, one-time offer for customers only. You will never be able to get access to Wiki Submitter white label licenses at an investment this low again (if at all… we may close this special opportunity down after this).

Get 70 Wiki Submitter White

Label Licenses For Just $XXX

Get 30 Wiki Submitter White

Label Licenses For Just $XXX